managing complexity for success

Stakeholder Support and Strategic Advice

Empowering stakeholder organisations and community groups enables meaningful liaison with industry, government and fellow stakeholders throughout planning, approval, implementation and closure of large developments. 

We can help you maximise the benefits of projects while minimising the impacts on your community and the environment by helping you interpret technical reports and government regulations, prepare submissions and develop strategies.


Our approach

Industry Experience

Our industry experience means we can explain the potential impacts of projects and available technical solutions to you and interpret the relevant laws and regulations. We can also assist you to monitor impacts by measuring baseline conditions and then measuring factors such as water quality, noise and traffic.

Effective Communication

Communication is often the key to mutual understanding. We can assist you to develop respectful and well-informed communication pathways between fellow stakeholders, government, the project developer and the media.

Capacity Building

We empower you by transferring skills and knowledge to increase your capacity for meaningful involvement in the development consultation and approval process.


Our experience includes:

We have transferred skills and knowledge and provided strategic advice to communities living next to the following large, complex projects:

  • Walsh River and Herberton Town Communities - Baal Gammon Copper mine - Queensland, Australia
  • Local villagers and Indonesian Government - Kelian Gold Mine - East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Local landholders - Ok Tedi, Lihir, Porgera, Kianatu - Papua New Guinea
  • Local villagers and Government of Lao PDR - Sepon Gold and Copper Operations - Vilabouly, Lao PDR
  • Aurukun Shire Council - Aurukun Bauxite Project - Queensland, Australia
  • Eacham Shire Council - Local land development - Queensland, Australia
Community Support and Strategic Advice Brochure