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Social Advice and Studies

Understanding how your project impacts communities and how these impacts are perceived is essential to maintaining a social licence to operate.

We provide specialist social studies throughout project design, construction, implementation and closure including baseline studies, socio-economic surveys and social management and monitoring plans.


Our approach


We are experienced in a variety of social and environmental domains: health, cultural heritage, education, gender, ethnicity, livelihood and natural resource use. This gives us the ability to consider linkages and relationships between these domains, allowing us to advocate inclusive and integrated social strategies that consider the needs and requirements of project-affected communities.

Specialist Advice

Through our in-house expertise and in collaboration with specialist sub-consultants we offer a full range of socio-economic approaches and solutions to understand and maintain the social fabric of your project.

Social Project Management

We offer a complete solution for all social management needs from initial project scoping and baseline assessments, through project design, communication strategies and social impact assessment to planning for social mitigation, monitoring, reporting and closure.


Our experience includes:

Coal Seam Gas, Australia

In collaboration with the client’s corporate team, we conducted scoping studies for the Social Impact Assessment of a large Central Queensland project using social performance management systems. We were then commissioned to undertake the Social Impact Assessment of the associated water (a by-product of gas extraction).

Aurukun Bauxite Project, Australia

We provided advice to the Aurukun Shire Council, a major stakeholder in a new bauxite project proposed for Cape York in Far North Queensland, on technical aspects of bauxite mining and the potential social and environmental impacts.

Women in Mining, Papua New Guinea

We conducted interviews and focus group meetings with community, government and private sector participants to determine the status of women at five mine sites in PNG. We analysed the data, produced a report and presented the findings at the Women in Mining Conference organised by the World Bank Genfund.

Social Advice and Studies Brochure