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Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans

Site-specific and practical plans for managing and monitoring the social and environmental aspects of your project are fundamental to its success. Our plans are comprehensive, cost-effective and designed to minimise project risk. 

 We collaborate with your team to develop plans tailored to your project, or review and audit existing plans to ensure that all regulatory compliance commitments are met.


Our approach


Management and monitoring plans are often written to meet legal and regulatory obligations but contain little detail on implementation. Our experience has taught us that the most effective plans include clear guidance for day-to-day management of the site. We work with the site team to develop practical plans that reduce risks and potential impacts, improve reputation and minimise operational costs while also meeting all regulatory requirements.

Integrated monitoring

Well-designed monitoring promotes improved project performance with fewer compliance breaches by facilitating the anticipation of issues, fostering a pro-active approach to solutions and creating a more resilient project.

Practical experience

Our field-based project experience enables us to develop practical solutions that can be realistically implemented by managers and operational staff, while meeting and complying with relevant codes and legislative requirements.


Our experience includes:

Kelian Gold Mine, Indonesia

Our founder, Dr McGuire was the Environmental and Closure Manager at this remote site for over five years. During this time Geraldine was responsible for all site environmental management and monitoring, ensuring that all government and corporate compliance obligations were met.

Sepon Gold and Copper Mine, Lao PDR

We conducted a critical review and redevelopment of the site Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring plans for this complex site in the greater Mekong Catchment. After identifying the critical gaps we worked with the client, re-writing the plans to meet compliance requirements and provide an overview of social and environmental management and monitoring activities across the site.

Mt Gordon Copper, Mt. Isa, Australia

We undertook operational site inspections and re-drafted the Environmental Management Plan in accordance with Government and operational requirements to deal with complex legacy issues at this historic mine.

Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans Brochure