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Environmental Advice and Studies

Minimising risk and clean-up costs by engaging specialist environmental advice throughout project design, construction, implementation and closure benefits all project stakeholders.

We collect and analyse data to provide practical advice on managing and monitoring all environmental aspects of a project. We also consider and advise on interactions between environmental issues and the local community. Our services include baseline surveys (flora, fauna and biodiversity); erosion, sedimentation and stormwater plans; monitoring and interpretation of water quality; and planning and design of site rehabilitation and restoration.


Our approach

Specialist Advice

We provide our clients with access to industry-leading technical and scientific expertise through our in-house capabilities and collaboration with specialist sub-consultants.


Experience in a range of environmental (flora, fauna, biodiversity, water quality, erosion and sedimentation control, land restoration and rehabilitation) and social areas enables our team to consider linkages and relationships between different ecological, environmental and social aspects, allowing us to develop comprehensive and integrated strategies that minimise and mitigate environmental and social impacts.


We offer a complete solution for all the environmental management needs of a project, from initial scoping and baseline assessments, through project design, impact assessment and planning to environmental mitigation, monitoring, compliance reporting and closure planning.


Our experience includes:

Sepon Gold & Copper mine, Lao PDR

From 2005 to 2013, we project-managed the ESIAs for all mine expansion projects including a new tailing dam, power line, processing plant, staff accommodation, new pits and associated infrastructure.

We have designed and implemented land rehabilitation for:
  • Kelian Equatorial Mining, Indonesia
  • Red Dome Gold, Queensland, Australia
  • Cape Flattery Silica Mines, Queensland, Australia
  • Gunpowder Copper, Mt. Isa, Australia
  • Queensland Rail and Queensland Main Roads, Australia
Flora Surveys

Dr McGuire completed a comprehensive survey, documentation and mapping of the flora species and vegetation types found around the silica mining lease at Cape Flattery (Queensland, Australia). This survey was one of the first wide-scale vegetation mapping exercises to use a combination of aerial images and field benchmarking to delineate specific vegetation boundaries to species level accuracy (prior to regional ecosystem mapping).

Ethnobotanical Surveys

We have conducted ethnobotanical surveys in Australia, Indonesia and Lao PDR with traditional owners and botanists. Data from these surveys informed the design of rehabilitation plans for disturbed land.

Environmental Advice and Studies Brochure