managing complexity for success

Sustainable Solutions Global is an innovative, diversified, family-friendly, employee-owned company that builds the capacity of its employees, sub-contractors and clients.

We achieve this by empowering the people where we live and work, to build a better world for future generations.

SSG was established in 2002 by Dr Geraldine McGuire, a leading environmental and social professional with over 20 years’ experience of large and complex projects in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Lao PDR and Fiji.

We strive to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits of each project while minimising risks. We recognise that a solution will only endure if concerns and opportunities are balanced across project stakeholders.

Our approach is strategic, inclusive and empowering, resulting in leading practice outcomes tailored to our clients’ needs.

SSG’s head office is in North Queensland, Australia and our associate office, PT Solusi Lestari Indonesia is in East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.


Our highly motivated project staff are experienced at working on technically challenging projects in remote locations. Strategic partnerships with highly qualified scientists and planning professionals allow us to provide a wide range of specialist and complementary services. As part of our commitment to long-term project sustainability, we partner with local in-country consultants wherever possible and mentor your project team to ensure high quality and innovative outputs.

Our approach is supported by our commitment to quality management and corporate social responsibility.

The Sustainable Solutions approach

  • Skilled
  • We are a highly skilled team of professionals with:
    • expertise in environmental, social and agricultural sciences
    • technical knowledge of the resources, energy, transport and international development sectors
    • hands-on experience of all project phases, from project scoping and approvals through to implementation, operations and closure.
  • Strategic - Our advice and solutions are timely and enduring because they maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits of a project, while minimising risks. We recognise that compromises may be required by all parties and that a sustainable solution balances concerns and opportunities across the key project stakeholders.
  • Considered - We are experienced at dealing with both technical and social issues in crisis situations and know how to develop trust and find a way forward from an apparent stalemate.
  • Responsive - We anticipate our clients’ needs, actively listen and provide alternative views and approaches leading to innovative and lasting outcomes.
  • Independent - We provide our clients with independent, industry-leading advice, solutions and reports through our in-house expertise and collaboration with a trusted network of strategic partners.
  • Empowering - We transfer knowledge and skills to increase client capacity, and provide on-going mentoring to enable our long-term clients to achieve their goals.
  • Culturally Sensitive - We bring empathy, respect and integrity to our engagement with community stakeholders and project staff to open communication pathways and improve cross-cultural understanding.

Quality Management

We strive to deliver consistently high quality products and services that are sustainable, practical and fit for purpose. Our quality assurance system guides our administrative and technical activities to ensure that our clients get the services they need, on time and on budget. We are committed to continual improvement and actively analyse and monitor our service delivery processes. We believe that the client is the best judge of the quality of our work, and as such, we focus on incorporating your feed-back into our service provision and product delivery.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainable solutions starts at home. For each business decision, we strive to maximise the benefits for our company, the environment and our community. Our sustainability strategies include:

  • Sustainable office design (energy efficient appliances, solar energy, composting, recycled paper, bamboo flooring)
  • Actively supporting local businesses and suppliers
  • Providing youth traineeships
  • Local sponsorships
  • Supporting international microfinance program ( ).