managing complexity for success

Why choose Sustainable Solutions?

Our approach is strategic, informed and empowering, leading to high quality outcomes tailored to your needs.

Our motivated team includes social and environmental management professionals with experience in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Pacific.

We specialise in developing enduring solutions for projects with complex social and environmental factors.


Benefits to Private Sector Clients.

  • Enhanced company reputation - as you implement pro-active social and environmental strategies to enable ongoing positive project performance.
  • Timely compliance with regulatory and legal obligations - including government development approvals; environmental and social project monitoring and reporting; and closure planning.
  • Fewer social and environmental project risks - when you apply specific and feasible management and technical solutions to social and environmental issues.
  • Social and environmental impacts managed - by accurate assessment of technical data, analysis of social and environmental project impacts and practical impact mitigation strategies.
  • Balanced and strategic social and environmental solutions - so you can manage current or emerging operational and project closure issues through comprehensive technical advice and collaborative problem solving.
  • Complex projects accomplished - ensure project resilience to potential social and environmental conflicts and crises through strategic technical advice and negotiation support.
  • Appropriate community and stakeholder engagement and support - foster partnership building and mutual respect, understand community sentiment and implement ongoing community engagement and development.
  • Strengthened capacity of project staff - with a greater understanding of social and environmental aspects for project design, implementation and closure.